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Daugavpils Universitātē notiks IV Baltijas Ģenētikas kongress


2007. gada 9.-12. oktobrī Daugavpils Universitātē notiks IV Baltijas Ģenētikas kongress, ko organizē Latvijas Ģenētiķu un selekcionāru biedrība kopā ar Daugavpils Universitāti.

Kongresā dalību ir pieteikuši vairāk nekā 100 dalībnieku no Baltkrievijas, Igaunijas, Krievijas, Latvijas, Lietuvas un Polijas. Plenārsēdēs un sekcijās dalībniekiem būs iespēja noklausīsies ziņojumus visos galvenajos ģenētikas virzienos, kuros strādā Baltijas valstu zinātnieki – cilvēka, dzīvnieku un augu ģenētikā. Tiks nolasīti referāti par tādām aktuālām tēmām, kā ģenētikas atzinumu izmantošana medicīnā, dabas aizsardzība, dzīvnieku un augu šķirņu uzlabošana. Īpaša sekcija būs veltīta mūsdienu molekulārās bioloģijas metožu pielietošanai dažādu organismu iedzimtības izpētē.

Kongresa materiāli tiks publicēti Latvijas Zinātņu akadēmijas Vēstīs.

Pirmais Baltijas Ģenētiskais kongress notika 1992. g. Viļņā. Ar zināmu periodiskumu kongresi notiek kādā no Baltijas valstīm. Latvijā šis jau būs otrais organizētais Baltijas Ģenētikas kongress.

IV Baltijas Ģenētikas kongresa atklāšana notiks šī gada 10. oktobrī plkst. 10:00 Daugavpils Universitātē, Parādes ielā 1, koncertzālē.

Papildus informācija:

Inese Kokina

Daugavpils Universitāte

Parādes ielā 1, 212. aud.

mob.: +371 26596642


Informāciju sagatavoja:

Sabiedrisko attiecību un informācijas daļas vadītāja

Vita Viļevko

t: 65425564

e-pasts: said@du.lv

Автор: Daugavpils

Автор: Burhan
Добавлено: 13.12.2015 15:29

Wow Tara, what a fantastic trip you are hainvg and I'm so happy that you are enjoying every moment of it it sounds so exciting. What a lucky, lucky girl you are and huge boquets of flowers and thanks to your teachers for keeping us all up-to-date with the trip and allowing us to share some of the excitement with you. I am looking forward to hearing about it from you over the next few months as little things keep popping into your memory. Rome, Vatican, train ride across Europe, Venice and Paris!! absolutely incredible.Lots of love from Grandma xxxxBUY A CAMERA!!!! http://ouhsdlupjnm.com [url=http://twtlnw.com]twtlnw[/url] [link=http://dzozqi.com]dzozqi[/link]

Автор: Painemnya
Добавлено: 11.12.2015 22:25

Hey hey Tara,It sounds like you are hvnaig so much fun. Can't believe you will be home in a few days. Feels like you just left. But then you have packed so much into the last 3 weeks. We are all missing you and can't wait to give you a big hug and check out all the photos. Have you bought a new camera yet? Sounds like you need one. When I went to Paris it was the one place where I had trouble with memory cards. Photos didn't transfer to the disk before I deleted them so I may borrow your photos and pass them off as the ones I took 6 years ago. We will give you a few days to settle back into home life and catch up with you when you are ready. Have a wonderful journey home.Lots of love Uncle Robert, Aunty Sharon and Thomas

Автор: Yanchen
Добавлено: 11.12.2015 12:35

we should go to italy i watend to get the suitcases out we're willing & ready to go. your reports on the trip have made it sound sensational. talk miss a & miss c into a parents tour for parents of past & present students bonus is we wouldn't have to go to the school for 10 days!we are off to aunty gen's today after church to roll eggs'. clare's done all her eggs, and one for you, we'll do ours today. conor's not coming. he's not overly keen rolling eggs down a hill (piker) told him if he doesn't come he doesn't get pressies but he knows that is not true .we will be rolling down aunty gen's little grass hill in the back yard which is tiny but will be much more suitable for the little boys .. clare is talking about freezing her eggs so they last longer.do you remember when she hid them all under a jacket so they didn't get smashed (or was that you?)grandma marty said the girls (joanne/martina/suzanne) have been watching on this site too.good idea not to ring as it will make you home sick, and we can keep up with all your news through the site anyway.And visiting the vatican at Easter!!!! what an extra-ordinary treat there are literally millions of people on the planet who want to do this at least once in their life time and here you are 15 and doing it just because you can.this is getting very long so i shall finish now.enjoy it molto bene.ciaomammaxxxxps if you are home on sunday i need to get my act together there is paint and plaster and dust everywhere in your room (dad's not impressed with the amount of paint & plaster I got on the floor but i am sure it will clean off :p ) love you lots looking forward to seeing you. xxx

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